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Music Massage Postures
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Music Massage Postures

 {flower1} {flower1}

Welcome to everybody to my massage world

I would like to describe the overview of my music massage service . In the 1:30 hour, then you can know and be aware of what massage styles I've prepared for you in various postures.

When you arrive my room, we can have a short welcome chat and then I will let you take a shower, please feel free to clean on your organ and body.

After that, you will be on the massage bed and ready to get eight different  massage postures from me. Those postures are mainly related to different music and rhythm. Starting from laying down on your stomach, I begin to massage on your feet, legs, shoulders and arms. And now we start the 1st massage postures.

***Round 1***

Posture (1)  Body to body from the back)

This massage technique is by using my front body to rub and touch your back body. I will move up, down , left and right. You can feel shivering while my organ erection touches on your bottom. We will be wet with massage oil and feel warm while our skin touches together during this posture.

Posture (2)Sit on my thigh and it

Changing from posture 1, you sit on my strong thigh and thick "it:. Changing your body to have massaging around your stomach and chest. I think you should start to feel more relax.

Posture(3) Snake hatching

This style is directly focusing on your "snake". I will massage on your organ from head down to base and so on to stimulate your sexual emotion. I believe everyone are happy with this posture. I warn you to tell me if you are almost done, I will slow down to keep you with me more next postures.

Posture(4) Hand hold and chin to neck

You will sit on the bed and I will hold you from the back and use  both my hands massaging around your chest,nipples, stomach and that point. At the same time, I will use my chin to touch you around your neck till you feel my breath around your neck.

Posture (5) Incline your body and touch me

Continuously to harmonize our nonstop mixture of feeling and body massage, you will lay inclined down on the chest. I will press softly and rub intensily around your check and arms. Our moaning and whisphering will occur unintentionally at this stage.

***Take a break and continue Round 2***

Posture (6)  Rising Dragon

This is the peak positon in which you will feel extremely, ultimately aroused. Some of you may scream as it is close to spit out, but please try to keep it till the end. Your Dragon's head will be rubbed and bone be stroked. Massage oil and gel will keep your head warm and I will keep whipping out on it.

Posture (7) Spread up your leg for Face to face

While you lay down and lift your leg, please spread out in order for me to stay very close in the middle of you. I will lift your bottom staying on my thigh. Yes, you can feel my organ touching on your bottom and maybe hole. I will massage your legs and thigh. I hope you will feel like having something more than only massage in this posture then you will feel more even good than the relaxation from the massage.

Posture (8) Sitting on you and give me your hands

I will sit on you now and yes your organ will touch my bottom at this position. You can see my full front naked body. You also can touch, rub my chest, nipples and that thing. We can feel both erotically sexually on our organs. Really exciting, isn't it?

Then we willl continue more on the special and exceptional posture, not a massage but sex.


Every posture is very special and developed by myself so I 'm with hope that you will like it. Both relaxation on your body and your mind is waht I would like you to recieve from my service. Every massage styles and things I give, they are from my intention to make it best.
During massaging, I really would like you get the best impression, not only to feel like having sex, but feeling good then after.

You will get every above postures for sure during the sevice, but would I ask you please be on time.
I have to apologize if I hvae cut off some postures for those who are late as I will always have the next customer.

Really sorry and appreciate your understanding.

**For the customer who has too high weight, I may have to change and adapt the postures and styles. Please understand that some postures are not designed for you and for me to fit this condition. T
hank you for your understanding krup.

Last but not least, I appreciate your interesting and thank you for all customers who I met and will meet soon.
Any comments are also welcome and I will try to improve as much as I can.

Thank you again krup,

 {thank you}

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